Civil Rights Preacher Samuel Kyles..Slips Up And Admits He Knew Martin Luther King Was Gonna Get Shot

Rev. Samuel “Billy” Kyles admits he stepped to the side on the balcony so Dr. King could be shot. Not to mention Martin was part of the Boule… a group of black elites that are servant of the king. (House Negros) The list of Boule members is very deep…Jesse, Bill Cosby, and so on. Rev. Samuel “Billy” Kyles had bought a new Memphis home in 1968 and was honored that Dr. Martin Luther King planned to come over for dinner while he was in town backing up striking garbage workers. King jokingly warned Kyles not to treat him like another preacher in Atlanta who had invited him to dinner at his house. When he and his wife Coretta arrived, the house had no furniture and their dinner was served cold on a card table. “If I go to your house and I discover that you bought a house and can’t buy food,” King told him. “I’m gonna call all the TV and radio stations and tell them ‘Kyles bought a house, but he can’t buy food.'” King and his aides from the SCLC made plans to eat at Kyles’ home on the evening of April 4. Kyles arrived at the Lorraine Motel to pick up his friends at 5 p.m. and came to King’s room, where he also met up with Rev. Ralph Abernathy. Kyles clearly set up or knew King would be shot at that day in Tennessee. This was introduced in the wrongful death suit of Martin Luther King. King spoke at a Masonic Lodge that night

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