Chefstrumental Airs May 29th…See Why Huck Peshi Is The Favorite

Chefstrumentals is a Podcast where two producers get a set of vocals and recreate a song.This genius idea comes from Andrew Morgan who wears many hats such as rapper,engineer and has also been making a name by shooting and editing music videos.The first episode starts off with two premiere producer from Stark County…Charger Music and Huch Peshi. Even though Huck Peshi is favorite to win this challenge,you should never sleep on Charger Music.Both Producers worked with some of the best artist in the city but if you ask them who they like working with the most,it’s hands down Huck Peshi. Huck has more versatility on the production and let artist be creative when in the studio.One thing we can’t forget is the “Love And Hip Hop” project that was never release,which was produced by Charger Music,definitely a classic project.In the era of trap music,most producers sounds the same because most of them use the same sound kits and same software to make their beats,alot elders believes this is the reason why hip hop isn’t as original as it once was.The return of real music is coming back and i believe Huck Peshi has his own sound and will come out to be the victor of this challenge!!!!



Posted by Huck Peshi Mobtyes on Saturday, March 19, 2016

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