Casey Anthony judge says he believes she killed her daughter

The former judge who presided over the Casey Anthony murder trial says he believes she killed her toddler daughter, but not on purpose.Former Orange County, Florida Judge Belvin Perry spoke about the case in an interview with WFTV on Tuesday, a channel he now works for as a legal analyst.‘The most logical thing that occurred, in my eyesight, based on everything I know about the case, was that (Anthony) did not intentionally kill her daughter,’ Perry said.

‘I think based upon the evidence, the most logical thing that happened was that she tried to knock her daughter out by the use of chloroform and gave her too much chloroform, which caused her daughter to die,’ he added.Anthony’s mother Cindy reported her granddaughter Caylee missing on July 15, 2008, saying she had not seen the toddler in more than a month and that her daughter’s car smelled like a dead body.

Casey told investigators several lies while they searched for Caylee, including that she had been kidnapped by a nanny on June 9. Even without a body, police believed they had enough evidence against Casey, and arrested her for first-degree murder in October 2008. She pleaded not guilty.

Two months later, police found Caylee’s skeletal remains wrapped in a blanket inside a trash bag that was dumped in a wooded area near the Anthony family home.A medical examiner was never able to determine the exact cause of death. However, duct tape was found on her skull, leading prosecutors to argue that Caylee’s mouth had been taped shut.They also said that her mother administered chroloform to her daughter before her death, since the chemical was found in the trunk of Casey’s car and she made several internet searches about it.

Man Strangles Prostitute, Lets His Friend Have Sex With Her Dead Corpse, Then They Burn Her Body!!!

A San Antonio man who allegedly strangled a prostitute and let his friend have sex with her dead body before burning it has been charged with first-degree murder. Javier Hernandez, 29, reportedly confessed to an unnamed witness that he killed the woman and burned her body in the garage next to his home, an affidavit said. The witness told police that Hernandez appeared to be full of ‘adrenaline’ after committing the crime.

The suspect then allowed an acquaintance to have sex with the dead body.Police said the corpse, which was found in a detached garage in the 300 block of West Harding Boulevard, was so badly burned that they have not been able to identify the woman and the only remains they have is the tattoo on her back.Firefighters responded to a fire on January 22nd, when the corpse was found. Officers used an arson-sniffing dog to identify the substance used in creating the fire.

Animal shelter employee accused of having sex with dog

SHREVEPORT, La. — (WXIX) — A Caddo Parish Animal Shelter kennel worker is out on bond after her arrest on a charge of crimes against nature and a former CPAS employee is accused of recording the act on video.According to Shreveport City Jail booking records, 24-year-old Celina Ann Cabrera of Shreveport was arrested Friday after police investigated a report that she had sex with a dog and that she had videos of the act.
A former CPAS employee was also arrested Friday in connection with the case.
41-year-old Booker Talioterro Thomas, Jr. of Shreveport was booked into the Shreveport City Jail, charged with principal to crimes against nature. Booking details indicate Booker recorded Cabrera having sex with his dog.