K-Solo – Spellbound Video..Only Real Heads Know This Joint

During the mid-1990s through the early 2000s (decade), DMX and K-Solo, who first met as inmates in prison during the course of K-Solo’s three-year prison stint, disputed over who was the first to write “Spellbound”. Despite that K-Solo released his version in 1990, DMX, who released his version in 1994, claimed that he was the first to write “Spellbound”. In his 1998 hit single “Get At Me Dog”, DMX told K-Solo to “suck [his] d***”. K-Solo later responded to DMX on a track named “The Answer Back”, in which K-Solo claimed to be DMX’s real father, and alleged that the legitimate reason for DMX’s disgruntlement was because K-Solo had given DMX’s mother a sexually transmitted infection. As the track continues, K-Solo went on to vindicate himself by saying that it was in fact DMX’s mother that had “burned” him first. On Beef II, K-Solo took a lie detector test to prove that he was the first to write “Spellbound”. The results were inconclusive.

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