Letter To The City Of Canton,No Prayer Needed!

Our city don’t need prayer,Prayer let the parents off the hook.Every parent/parents should be held accountable for their child’s behavior.Mothers twerking to the same song teaching her kids to drink lean and pop pills,craziness.Fathers quicker to raise a gun than raise their kids,craziness.The sad part about it is,no one cares til it hit homes.Our values are put in the wrong places.How many people do we have to lose before we decide to change our way of thinking? At this point it’s safe to say prayer isn’t working.I know some will say,prayer works for me but tell that to a mother or father who just lost their child to a senseless shooting.If you have to carry a gun to a club,why are you there? All it takes is one drunk emotional idiot to cause a family to grieve.That shit aint gangsta,it’s stupidity.True be told there is no perfect way of parenting but there’s a level of parenting that exist to prevent a lot of this senseless violence going on.If you consider yourself an O.G.,then you really failing the city!Let’s get our kids back from the street,Peace!


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