Open letter to the streets of Canton

Dear canton streets,we the people love our kids and would like for them to be able to play outside without stray bullets flying everywhere.Can ya’ll just meet up every Sunday and shoot each other,so we can have at least 6 days of no violence.The streets never loved nobody and trust me when i say that there are many killers in prison that wish they had a second chance.What you gangsters don’t realize is that once you start having shootouts in your neighborhood,it brings the property value down on your parents house and the area gets flagged as being a troubled area.When someone gets murdered in the city,we all lose.The crazy thing about it is you guys put your beefs on social mediaas if the police isnt monitoring fb post.One thing about about murder is,you can’t change what’s done.I thought the narrative for the hood was to “get money” but apparently those lines are blurred.I pray for the city.

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